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cloud-services-300x275Cloud computing in some form has been around for quite some time but only now are companies starting to see the real value that cloud computing brings to the business world. Cloud computing allows IT to take control of infrastructure costs, performance issues, licensing restraints, etc. By leveraging a cloud platform, companies have access to resources virtually on the fly. Need another server for a temporary application, but don’t want to outlay the capital for a temporary need? No problem. Leverage a cloud service provider’s infrastructure to bring a secure, virtual server in seconds. Need more RAM, more Storage, more computing power? No problem. Provision what you need instantly and turn it down when it is no longer needed. Are you looking at BYOD for your firm but concerned about security? No problem. Our Virtual Desktop has you covered. Tired of worrying about the hassles on on-boarding new employees? Our SaaS and Virtual Desktop Solutions make the process streamlined, seamless, and secure.

Cloud computing exists today in many forms:

  • Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Paas (Platform as a Service)
  • DaaS/VDI (Desktop as a Service/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

We understand that all of this can be confusing especially when so much is involved with running a business and working to hit difficult business goals. That is where we come in. Cloudnexion, at no cost to you, can help you develop a cloud strategy and also handle the sourcing, contract negotiations, as well as project manage the installation of services. We are your partner and we work for you.

“I have worked with Cloudnexion for several years and before that, I competed against them while at a previous company. Let me just say, Cloudnexion has drive and passion. They don’t wait for opportunities to come to them, they go out and find them, build a solution and then close the deals. Customers love them because they are all about taking care of clients. They don’t shy away from complex issues or tough challenges. When issues arise, they don’t sit back and wait for someone else to hopefully take care of it. They engage and drive issues to resolution. Staying in contact the whole time.”

Joe Oligny, Sr. Director of Engineering, GTT

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