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“New”: Souce your next colocation data center using Cloudnexion’s online marketplace:
– Compare pricing and specifications across multiple vendors and locations at once
– Analyze costs and solutions using our built-in pricing review engine
– Rely on Cloudnexion’s expertise and tools to find the right data center for your needs

slider-1-1-and-data-centers-300x239All Data Centers are not the same. Cloudnexion has evaluated multiple data centers across the World. We have procured data centers space for our customers in over 35 countries. We know the best of breed providers and we are partnered with them to deliver data center services to all types of customers. We know the market and we know who can meet your needs in terms of network connectivity, security, certifications, power density, environmentals (power, cooling capacity, etc.), capacity, and overall quality. We work with some of the world’s most demanding clients to help them make sure their data is safe and always available. From colocation, to dedicated hosting, to hybrid cloud, we have the relationships and connections to put the best solutions in place for our customers.

“I have worked with Cloudnexion on a variety of projects over the last three years and a repeat customer many times over. Cloudnexion excels at providing high level customer service, creative solutions, and are extremely dependable.”

John Derby, Director of Operations

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